Geelong Studio Hire


Hire of the studio is based on agreement to the following terms and conditions:


For the purpose of this document, ‘client' shall be reference to the individual or
company that commences the hire or the agent acting on their behalf.


The client shall pay Geelong Studio Hire at the rates specified in this price list for
the period and services rendered.


Payment is required upon completion of the hire period unless prior
arrangements between the hirer and Geelong Studio Hire have been made.


The client shall use the equipment and studio space in a skilful and proper
manner at all times. The client is liable for any loss or damage to the
equipment/studio caused during the period of hire.


Equipment and studios must be returned to the condition they were received or
additional charges will apply.


Insurance is available only on equipment hired. It is charged at a rate of 20% of the
hire value, with an excess of $500.00 or the cost of repair, whichever is lesser.
Loss of income due to damage may also be charged under certain
circumstances, at the discretion of Geelong Studio Hire.


Bookings must be confirmed by email or SMS, 48 working hours prior to the start


Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the start date will incur a loss of
deposit; unless rebooked and used within 14 days of cancellation. This is at the
discretion of Geelong Studio Hire.


Geelong Studio Hire will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of any
property of any person using the studios, nor for any property lost by couriers in
the transit to or from the studios. All care will be exercised by Geelong Studio
Hire in supervising the studios however all clients are required to make
appropriate arrangements to ensure their property is secure whilst using the
facilities. Clients leaving property in the studios overnight do so at their own risk.
Please ensure that your insurance policy covers you whilst using Geelong Studio

By booking, the Hirer accepts full responsibility for any loss or damages arising
from the Hirer’s use of the studio and premises, including but not limited to any
equipment damage, personal injury, accident or death. The Hirer will be liable for
any loss, breakage or damage caused to the studios equipment, fixtures, fittings
and will be charged the full replacement cost of these items. The hirer agrees to
pay all costs and expenses incurred as a result of loss or damage during the hire
to property, equipment and fit-out of the studio. Geelong Studio Hire does not
accept any liability for any loss or damage to the equipment or personal effects of
the Hirer or the Hirer’s associates.

The Hirer agrees to be responsible for the welfare of themselves and their
associates, accepting any and all risks of equipment loss or damage, delay,
unanticipated events, inconvenience, illness, injury, emotional trauma or death,
and hereby releases Geelong Studio Hire and its staff and associates of all

By booking, the Hirer agrees to have carefully read and fully understand the
contents and legal ramifications of this liability release and assumption of risk
agreement; they fully understand it and agree to be legally bound by it upon hire
of the studio. The Hirer agrees that if any portion of this liability release and
assumption of risk agreement is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining
portions shall remain in full force and effect and the remainder of this liability
release and assumption of risk agreement will then be construed as though the
unenforceable provision had never been contained herein.

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